YAS… The Royal Name of Perfumes, an Emirates company, was established in 1999 by the Chairman Abdulla Al Qaissieh. The name resonates with the gallantry and heritage of the Bani Yas Tribe that was the earliest residents of the Gulf Region and the Arabian Peninsula both of the royal families, the Al Nahyan and the Al Maktum, are descended from this significant tribe. Yas Perfumes captures the essence of glorious times in its captivating fragrance.

Yas Perfumes was established as a manufacturer of high quality French and Arabian Fragrances. It creates amazing authentic traditional fragrance employing modern techniques. Yas Perfumes also markets various types of superior quality Agar wood and its wide range of products. Currently, there are 26 Yas Perfumes outlets in the UAE, 6 outlets in KSA, 1 in Bahrain, 1 in Muscat, 1 in Kuwait and 2 in Qatar.

All outlets have been given a magnificent corporate look fitted with an amazing new design adopting modernized look.

Yas Perfumes is characterized by the manufacturing of outstanding high quality Arabian Perfumes which are made from the mixture of exquisite top quality natural products presented in luxurious crystal bottles.

Yas Perfumes also created several French eau de parfum that are made in FRANCE for YAS Perfumes exclusively. It also succeeded in blending oriental and French fragrances to create its own many signature scents.